Terra have shared the stage with bands such as Akercocke Winterfylleth, Ash Borer, Old Corpse Road, Sonance, Torpor, Svalbard, JØTNARR, CODE, Yellow Eyes, Sathamel, Verdelet as well as participating in the Blackwood Gathering festival playing alongside Urfaust, Saor and Lychgate.

Featuring in THRASH HITS, METAL HAMMER, appearing as TERRORIZER magazines 'band of the day' and DROWNED IN SOUND's reptile shrine column Terra continue to gain plaudits for their hypnotic sound. 

"The trio mine the same vein as USBM acts such as Fell Voices or Ash Borer or even Wolves In The Throne Room and the Cambridgeshire group hold their own against such established projects. Terra radiates with an epic scale and tracks weave gorgeous guitars through threads of pulsing drums and a vocal that is harsh, cold and ever so slightly hidden beneath the music, creating a world of uncertainty and anguish".

Cheryl Carter - Thrash Hits 


Terra are an atmospheric black metal band from Cambridge, England, who have quickly left a lasting impression on the U.K. Black metal landscape with their shows around the UK promoting their début album released through Hibernacula records In April 2015. Incorporating elements of Drone Terra create a unique and intense form of dark music, that has garnered incredibly positive reviews in various national publications. Now signed to Italian label Code666 They continue to build on this success with the Release of their second album 'Mors Secunda'.



"This personal journey of facing personal mortality is ably supported by some brilliant musicianship: dark, brooding bass lines and some terrific, elemental drumming create an experience that ebbs, flows, leaps and soars through a panoply of emotions, textures and moods. This is black metal without artifice or pretence but black metal with resilience and personal fortitude. Terra might only just be starting to set out their stall but what a stall this is."

Mat Davies - Ghost Cult Magazine